Fitness & Nutrition – 13 Week Program


AM980 Outlasts the other stations!


193                         93                         205                         159

We had a lot of fun with our latest promotion.  We had all the radio stations battling it out to take home the title and it came down to FM96 vs. AM980.  Andrew and his fiancee Jen worked hard and accumulated the most points.  They take home the bragging rights.

Are you interested in taking part of the 13 week challenge with a friend?  Or perhaps you want to exercise along with a couple co-workers?  Whatever the case may be check out how these contestants did and call us for a free consultation!

13 week fitness makeover

INCLUDES                                                                                 VALUE

3-hour CAHA medical                                                                    $995

Comprehensive nutrition program                                               $600

Detailed cardio @home program                                                 $250

12 weeks of training 3 x per week***:                                        $2340

2 additional bod pod sessions:                                                      $200

2 additional full fitness assessments:                                         $300

Doctor Supervised Medical integration:                                Priceless

Total value:                                                                                 $4590.00

Special price:                                                                           Only $2699

***Based on availability***



WEEK 1                 3 HOUR COMPREHENSIVE MEDICAL & Before Photos

WEEK 2                Nutrition meeting and meal plan, Customized Cardio Program and 2 Personal Training Sessions

WEEK 3-13          3 Medically Integrated Personal Training Per Week

WEEK               BOD POD Reassessment

WEEK 7                Full fitness assessment, meeting with the Dr. & blood work if required Nutrition re-assessment

WEEK 10              BOD POD Reassessment & Meeting with the Doctor

WEEK 13              Full Fitness Assessment, meeting with the Dr. & blood work. Final After photo. Progress report.