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About Medpoint:

Medpoint Health Care is one of Canada’s fastest growing executive health care centres.  In just a few years Medpoint grew from 1 Family Doctor to 20 Physicians including many specialists. Located in London, Ontario within close proximity to many major Hospitals and research facilities Medpoint is the only executive health care option in southwestern Ontario. With a growing reputation for excellence in healthcare as well as arguably the most comprehensive medical in Canada delivered at one of the lowest price points, Medpoint is changing the model for executive health.


As we say, it’s your health, it’s your time.


About our Comprehensive and Executive Health Services:

Medpoint is a preventative health care centre.  We believe that making proper health and lifestyle choices will greatly aid our patients in treating and even preventing disease.  Medpoint offers 3 hour comprehensive medicals, 5 hour executive medicals and a year round executive health membership that includes nutrition and fitness sessions.  Whether you are simply looking to know more information about your health status or whether you are dealing with a current health care situation a Medpoint medical could provide the answers you need.


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About our Clinics:

Medpoint offers a number of walk-in and same day clinics (including a Children Paediatric clinic) that are designed to help our patients with their acute health issues.  These clinics are not designed to perform comprehensive care or be a substitute for your family doctor.  Their role is to provide timely quality health care for minor issues such as rashes, infections and prescriptions when your family doctor is not available.  Medpoint does not provide non-urgent referrals for patients who already have access to a family doctor.


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About Fitness and Nutrition division:

Medpoint is first and foremost a medical centre.  For this reason, our standards when it comes to fitness and nutrition are very high.  All trainers at Medpoint have a minimum 4 year degree in Kinesiology.  They have the education and the practical skills to integrate our clients medical profile into a program that maximizes their potential for success.  Medpoint also employes nutritional experts and dieticians who can tailor a nutritional program to our clients lifestyle and goals.  At Medpoint fitness we are truly…. Raising the Bar!!


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