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“The Science behind Successful Weight Loss and Weight Management”


An excess energy intake of just 250 kcal/day will cause body weight to increase 1 pound in 14 days. In 1 year you will have gained 14 pounds!! Knowing what your metabolic rate is essential for any weight loss or weight management program.


FACT: Most diets fail because the extreme dietary restrictions cause your body to lose both muscle and fat mass. When your body loses muscle, your daily caloric requirement drops. Due to this drop in caloric requirement it makes it increasingly hard to keep the weight off when you stop the “diet”.


What is Metabolic Testing?

Medpoint uses the innovative technology of COSMEDs Fitmate Pro to determine your personal Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) through indirect calorimetry. RMR is simply the number of calories that your body needs to maintain vital body functions.

Why is knowing my Resting Metabolic Rate so important for weight loss?

Knowing your actual RMR allows you to decrease caloric intake to a level that optimizes fat loss. Consuming less calories than your RMR creates a biological response in your body that decreases your metabolism— which means that your body will require less calories to function, thus promoting storage of fat and muscle break down. 

What does the test consist of?

The test is very easy! All you have to do is relax and breathe into the Fitmate machine for approximately 15 minutes. Expired air is analyzed determine your RMR. Once the test is complete our Exercise Physiologist will review your results with you.

Price : $199 + tax or included in our Weight Management Programs.  

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We are pleased to announce our partnership with 3M Canada!  We are heavily involved in the employee preventative health care program recently implemented within the company.  We are proud to be offering our services to 3M employees across Canada.  Check out the video below of 3M’s own Phyllis Retty describing the program and the role Medpoint is playing in it.

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We have officially started our 13 week fitness challenge!  Due to the overwhelming response to our first round of auditions and the results the contestants had we have brought it back… (SEE HERE). We are partnering with 103.1 Fresh FM again to invite radio hosts Kim Woodbridge and Dave Lawrence as well as two new contestants to Medpoint to put them through our comprehensive fitness program. See where they are starting out below and visit each week to see their progress.






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Here at Medpoint we encourage you to be proactive with your health by taking a preventative approach to your health care. What better way to start off your new year than taking advantage of our 13 week challenge, which includes the comprehensive medical, fitness sessions with a Kinesiologist and nutritional consultations with a customized meal plan.


Harry 02 Week 1 + 13Harry 01 Week 1 + 13

What can happen in 13 weeks? You can gain energy, become more flexible, feel stronger, lose weight, and decrease your risk of many medical conditions.  If you have been “thinking” about increasing your activity level, but are not sure how to do it safely and effectively, let us assist you in this journey.  Stop putting off living a more active lifestyle and get started today!  Visit our 13 WEEK PROGRAM page for more details, or just click the button below to book a consult!


Deb 02 Week 1 + 13

Deb 01 Week 1 + 13


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The halfway point is here and Harry and Deb have been making great progress in their fitness programs and have been very good with implementing the nutrition meal plan provided to them.  In this week’s episode we see Harry and Deb at the wellness retreat in Grand Bend taking some time to exercise and eat properly while enjoying the beautiful Skyfall Villa.  They were also able to take part in group yoga, get outdoors and enjoy a relaxing massage.

Check out our 13 week program page to see more episodes and follow along in their journey

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